Golf Clubhouse — Palm Desert, US
Sharon Marston – Bighorn Golf Clubhouse
Sharon Marston – Bighorn Golf Clubhouse
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For Bighorn Golf Club in Palm Desert, Sharon Marston created a series of bespoke lighting installations for this innovative and distinctive venue. Boasting expansive views of the Coachella Valley, the new clubhouse is embellished with Sharon Marston’s Laelia light and a series of four unique Orchid lights. The main stairwell features a dazzling 6 metre high, hand-blown glass Laelia chandelier at its centre. Composed of over 6,600 individually blown glass leaves that are assembled across thousands of pin points of fibre optic filaments. The chandelier has been installed to dramatically burst through the ceiling flooding the stairwell in a cascading waterfall of glistening opulence as it elegantly tapers throughout this space in Sharon Marston’s signature style.

Palm Desert, US Bighorn Golf Clubhouse
Commissioned By
Blackbird Interiors
Type of Light
Custom Laelia light Hand blown glass, stainless steel and polymer end emitting fibre optics Ø 840mm x H 6000mm

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