Gold On 27

Restaurant — Dubai, UAE
Sharon Marston – Gold on 27
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For this decadent 7 star bar, Sharon Marston was commissioned to create 4 large illuminating screens which were installed as decorative dividers within the seating area of the Gold on 27 bar in Dubai’s Burj Al Arab Jumeirah. Each screen, based on Sharon Marston’s Diore design is composed of thousands of hand blown, black glass leaves, which are interspersed between hand crafted woven bronze components. The delicate composition reflects pin points of light all across the vast views from this new nightspot on the 27th floor, adding further opulence to this extravagant gold bar.

Dubai, UAE Gold on 27 Bar, Burj Al Arab
Commissioned By
Keane Group
Type of Light
Custom Diore lights Black steel, hand blown glass, woven bronze mesh, glass side emitting fibre optics, 4 x L 2000mm x W 350mm x H 4000mm

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