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Hotel — Bangkok, Thailand
Sharon Marston –  True Icon Siam Hall
Sharon Marston –  True Icon Siam Hall
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This customised piece based on the Ghost/Azure design will consist of glass side emitting fibre optic filaments that descend 11.5 metres through the stairwell with thousands of pin-points of light emitted this full length. Across these filaments there will be hand blown glass bells coloured in grey and golden tones. At the bottom of the fibres, a stronger point of light will be emitted which will glisten across the water feature.

Bangkok, Thailand True ICONSIAM Hall - Lobby
Commissioned By
ICONSIAM Company Limited
Type of Light
Ghost-Azure - Hand blown glass, Mirror polished stainless steel, glass side emitting fibre optics 1’000mmØ x H 11’500mm

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