Order of St. John

London Design Week — Clerkenwell, London
Sharon Marston – Order of St. John
Sharon Marston – Order of St. John
Sharon Marston – Order of St. John
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This decorative, entrance installation envelopes the space in a dazzling torrent of hand crafted woven brass mesh petal forms, which are intricately gathered on to cascading polymer fibre optics. Echoing notions of nature and growth, this design has been selected specifically to provide visitors with an aesthetically delicate, yet luxurious, experience as they enter through the space into the garden courtyard of St John. Visitors to the space will be able to walk through this awning of willow canes that are intertwined with fibre optics, creating a myriad of subtle glowing knots and gleaming pinpoint speckles that embellish the gateway entrance, providing visitors with numerous points of interest.

Clerkenwell, London, UK Entrance to the Order of St John
Commissioned By
Clerkenwell Design Week
Type of Light
Custom Willow Installation Woven brass mesh, willow cane, polymer end emitting fibre optics L 5600mm x W 4600mm x H 3000mm