Provo Missionary Training Center

Atrium — Utah, USA
Sharon Marston – Provo Missionary Training Center Utah
Sharon Marston – Provo Missionary Training Center Utah
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Designing a centrepiece for the new flagship missionary centre in Provo which was to combine art, lighting, and the missionary ethos.

Sharon designed a light feature incorporating her signature ethereal qualities using the fibre optic lighting medium. Creating a circular element that represented the earth in blue, green and yellow shapes to reflect the world, sea, land & mountains. The installation consisted of over 15’000 hand crafted white Flora shapes descending from the metalwork canopy, spiralling downwards enveloping the globe and changing in density to represent the story of the eternal journey ‘our premortal life, our mortal experience and our eternal destiny beyond’.

Utah, USA Atrium
Commissioned By
ZGF Architects
Type of Light
April/Autumn Globe Light Mirror polished steel, polymer, glass side emitting fibre optic L 2010mm x W 2010mm x H 6335mm