Quattro Passi

Restaurant — Mayfair, London
Sharon Marston – Quattro Passi Restaurant
Sharon Marston – Quattro Passi Restaurant
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This Michelin star restaurant features customised versions of the Bella light which create a glistening entrance as well as a decorative backdrop to the seating areas within the main restaurant. These L-shaped curtains have thousands of hand crafted woven copper decorative Flora components cascading down the fibre optic strands.

Mayfair, London, UK Quattro Passi Restaurant
Commissioned By
Carte Blanche Design
Type of Light
3 x Custom Bella Lights 2 x L 2700mm x W 2700mm x D 200mm x H 1490mm 1 x 1200mmØ x H 1100mm woven copper mesh, mirror polished stainless steel, polymer end emitting fibre optics

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